Frequently Asked Questions

The purchase, lease, rental of goods, works or services by a procuring entity governed by the public Procurement Act.


The purchase and sale of supplies, equipment, works and services through a web interface (internet) or other networked system.


A document used to gather information about suppliers and their capabilities prior to a formal document process.

A document used to canvass potential solutions from suppliers when the specification is still unclear.

An invitation to suppliers to quote on specific products or services.

A detailed description of what is required

A request from a buying organization to invite suppliers to formally submit bids. All procurement procedures and processes are outlined in both the Public Procurement Act – Section 43 and Regulations – Part V – Bidder Qualifications and Bidding Procedures.

All Tenders should be submitted to the Central Procurement Board located at the Ministry of Finance, Second Floor, Administrative Centre.

The Central Procurement Board is appointed by the Minister of Finance and is responsible for the general administration of the Public Procurement Act, providing to the Minister, advice in respect of the public procurement policy, approving pre-qualified suppliers or contracts to whom invitations to bid or request for proposals or quotations which may be issued for procurement of goods, services or works and awards of contracts above the thresholds prescribed in the Regulations issued relative to section 73.(2).(k).

The purchase of an item using a framework agreement that has already been through a procurement process.

Best returns for each dollar spent in terms of quality, timeliness, reliability, after sales service, upgradeability, price source, and a combination of whole life cost and quality to meet the requirements of the procuring entity.

See section 37. 1-7 of the Public Procurement Act and Part V – Bidding Procedures

The contract amount above which approval is required by the Board. This amount is EC$45,000.00 and can be found in the Procurement regulations under Part II – General Provisions.

The methods of procurement are listed under section 43 of the Act and are as follows:
Open competitive bidding
Limited competitive bidding
Two-stage bidding
Single source procurement
Electronic reverse auctions
Request for quotations
Request for proposals for consulting services
Direct invitation for consulting services

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